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Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time. (ins. x)

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Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” about Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited feature.

Spot On.

Dear Jimmy Fallon, 

You are the best.



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Celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary with the Best of Batman on Texts From Superheroes





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"When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories."

Today is Batman day! To celebrate, the creepiest villain of them all (SERIOUSLY HE GAVE ME NIGHTMARES) the Joker!

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Hilarious and creative headings for the fiction section of Sherman’s Books and Stationery in Portland, ME.

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Librarianship is a form of heroism. It’s just not as flashy as swords and dragons.
Seanan McGuire, Chimes at Midnight (via cathylibrary)

I mean, I usually ride my dragon to work, doesn’t every librarian?

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My John green artwork is done!

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The fact that the ALA shared this link is so gloriously bitter and angry and I love it.

Is there a portmanteau for that? Angritter? Bangry? 

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I am attempting to find my people~

I have found many people.  The real question is, have I found all the people.


Libraries count, right? 

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I dropped the ball on posting some cover love on the 10th, but there is no time like the present, so here we go!

 I’m a huge fan of Garth Nix’s ABHORSEN trilogy, so when I found out there was going to be a fourth instalment there was a lot of happy-dancing.  There are a couple covers for CLARIEL. This is the one published by Allen & Unwin 


And this is the one published by HarperCollins:


Now normally I tend to gravitate towards covers dominated by an image of a character (like my own *cough*), but I am in LOVE with the HarperCollins cover. The burning symbol makes me think the action of the HUNGER GAMES, but the image of the city and the girl in the dress grounds it as epic fantasy. AND THAT IS A DRAGON BEHIND HER!! Needless to say, I can’t wait to read this one. 



From Goodreads:

Clariel is the daughter of the one of the most notable families in the Old Kingdom, with blood relations to the Abhorsen and, most importantly, to the King. When her family moves to the city of Belisaere, there are rumors that her mother is next in line for the throne. However, Clariel wants no part of it—a natural hunter, all she ever thinks about is escaping the city’s confining walls and journeying back to the quiet, green world of the Great Forest.

But many forces conspire against Clariel’s dream. A dangerous Free Magic creature is loose in the city, her parents want to marry her off to a killer, and there is a plot brewing against the old and withdrawn King Orrikan. When Clariel is drawn into the efforts to find and capture the creature, she discovers hidden sorcery within herself, yet it is magic that carries great dangers. Can she rise above the temptation of power, escape the unwanted marriage, and save the King? 


I need one of these for every room in my house.


I need one of these for every room in my house.

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